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Goldierocks on British Music & Culture at The Selector

International DJ, journalist, and TV presenter Sam Hall, aka Goldierocks, joins to discuss British music, culture, and her rising stardom!

Mike Cunsolo

by Mike Cunsolo in Marketing

Last updated 04.08.2023

Goldie Rocks Sam Hall British Music

International award winning presenter and DJ Goldierocks joins The Internet Radio Podcast to teach you a thing or two about what makes the best of British music, culture, and finding the freshest unknown artists.

Goldierocks: Music Tastemaker

Sam Hall, aka Goldierocks, first started to make herself known to the music industry as a bit of a tastemaker for new bands. Reviewing early demos, Goldierocks made a name for herself by picking out the best, even giving Bloc Party their first music gig!

Now apart of The Selector, ran by the British council for over 15 years, she promotes the best of the British underground music scene and shows just how raw it can be and eclectic. Broadcasting cross-genres to over 46 countries in Mexico, Colombia, Uganda, Hungary, Malawi, Ukraine, Malaysia, and China.

What Goes Into Making Great Radio?

"A lot of hard work" goes into making shows great, but being part of a fantastic team really does help.

Hours are spent trolling through music blogs and demos trying to find the best of the British music scene. Relationships are formed with DJs, producers, and bands which makes it a bit easier to keep your ear to the ground so you catch what's coming out.

Essentially it's what you think is the most exciting music that's coming out for that week or month, if it's the next big smash hit summer song or an instant classic.

Keeping Your Message Clear to a Multicultural Audience

If you're running your radio station that's accessible online then how do you keep your messaging clear in a multicultural audience?

Goldierocks says The Selector tackles this by offering audio in a kit format that's 2 hours long. The first half is singers, song writers, and bands; the second half is urban and dance music that's presented in English.

60% of stations around the world take the kit format, the other 40% use an English presenter with a translator as it's broadcast.

Goldierock's 3 Essential On Air Tips

  1. Preparation is Key: You can stretch your legs and be a bit spontaneous if you know what you're going to discuss.
  2. Breath: Take your time, don't be afraid of dead air! Treat radio as a one-on-one conversation.
  3. Be Authentic: Don't mimic other presenters, their style will wear off in the end, so the best thing is to be truly yourself.

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