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Live Broadcast Your Radio in Minutes

Live broadcast your radio station in minutes and reach a global audience of potentially billions online.

Mike Cunsolo

by Mike Cunsolo in News

Last updated 22.07.2024

An image of 5 different mics next to each other - one is rounded and grey, one is a thin white one, the centre one is pink, the silver one next to it is square and classic, and the one on the far right is dark grey. Live Braodcast You Radio

It's amazing to think that radio is 95 years old! Since the early 20th century the broadcasting landscape has radically changed for the better, making it easier then ever to live broadcast your radio station.

The team here at have thought long and hard about what broadcasters need and how to simplify getting started for the modern radio landscape over the next century - This is why the platform has been designed to allow anyone to live broadcast in a matter of minutes, not to mention offering some other cool features we think you'll enjoy!

1. Broadcast Live

With, live broadcasts have been simplified for ease of use. Manage your DJs throughout the week by scheduling them for one off or recurring broadcasts.

This is a gif that visualises the schedule DJ function. It shows the schedule being clicked on on the dashboard.

When they're ready to go on air, DJs have the option to choose from a wide selection of client broadcasters to connect and stream live.

It doesn't have to stop there, keep listeners engaged by automating your station when no ones around.

2. 24/7 Automation

You don't have to switch off your station when there aren't any live broadcasts, instead upload tracks so new or returning listeners can stay tuned 24/7.

Simply drag the files you want directly into your browser and you're nearly done.

This is a gif of the uploading tracks instructions given above, and visualises them. The dashboard is white with a dark grey icon on the left.

Once your library is on, manage your tracks by creating playlists and scheduling them when you're unavailable.

You don't have to manage your station alone - Invite friends and colleagues for a fully collaborative radio experience.

3. Online Station Management

Invite broadcasters by inviting them to your station and assigning roles, they can then login and collaborate on broadcasts.

This is a screenshot of how inviting users to your station will appear. There is a white textbox with a greyed out black dashboard in the back.

You can also get invited to other stations and collaborate with their broadcasts.

Future Features was built from the ground up by our in-house team, so everything is custom and uniquely designed.

We want to hear your ideas for the next features we should focus on - We will be rolling out enhancements to the platform on a regular basis, so if you have something in mind then let us know.

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Start your internet radio station today and live broadcast in minutes with The easiest way to start your internet radio station.

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