Radio Essentials: Why You Should Start Your Station

Not taken the plunge into starting your own station yet? In this live event, we share with you the best radio essentials needed to get everything up and running. Join us as we discuss the best features we built last year, awesome tools we have planned, and our top 10 questions broadcasters ask.

What to Expect: Radio Essentials

This time around, we’re focusing on radio essentials you need to run a successful station. We look back at last year’s features and how they can help you get up and running. Plus, take a sneak peek at what you can expect from us in 2018! Here’s what you can expect from the live event:

  • Radio Essentials: A look back at the essential tools we released from 2017 and why you should be using them.
  • 2018 Features: What to expect from us this year and the exciting tools we have planned for you in the coming months.
  • Top 10 Common Questions: We get asked a lot of questions (really, it’s a lot!), so we share the 10 most common ones from last year and how to fix them.

If you can’t make it to the event then we’ve got you covered! Catch up on everything by either heading over to our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Ask Us Anything: We Answer Your Questions

As always, we respond to your questions during the live event. Wanna ask us something? Message us on Twitter by clicking this button 👉 or leave your comments below. We will try and answer all your questions during the live event, but if we don’t, then be sure to get in touch with us at