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Internet Radio for Music Festivals

When Amsterdam-based creative agency ...,staat was asked by the country’s largest telecommunication provider KPN to help them create a presence at the four major Dutch summer music festivals (Pink- pop, Down the Rabbit Hole, Pitch, and Lowlands); they revived a classic to connect KPN with the crowds... Enter the Mobile Disco!

A take on the ever-popular Silent Disco, now using your own mobile phone. At the KPN site, festival-goers could tune-in to the best live DJ’s (curated in collaboration with VICE) using KPN’s free WiFi coverage that reached across the entire festival terrain – plus spots to recharge your phone.

How Everything Works

Listeners at the music festival had to be able to tune in on their phone, luckily the mobile disco's setup, along with, were able to broadcast live music. Here's a look at how everything connected together:

The music festival mobile disco setup included:

  • iPad & Microphone
  • DJ Desk
  • Mixer
  • Soundcard
  • Mac with Nicecast & Wired Internet Connection
  • Internet Radio Station (Broadcasting Live with Backup Automated Playlist)
  • Music Festival WiFi
  • Festival Goers Stream via Mobile App

The internet radio station, where the mobile disco was broadcasting too, was embedded within the free mobile app which music festival goers could download and tune into the stream.

Benefits of Using was the #1 pick for creative agency ...,staat to build their musical festival mobile disco and broadcast out to listeners.

" became our go-to platform for managing the audio streams. The crowd could tune in via a player integrated in the o cial festival apps - For those who forgot (or lost) their phone, we had four ‘mini clubs’ inside transformed phone booths, including the streamed sound, lights, and smoke.”

DJs could manage mixes through their desks and add tracks on their iPad. Broadcasts where accessible to anyone that had the app, so it wasn't just music festival goers that could enjoy their shows.

DJs could actually see the number of connected listeners at any time during their sets within the Dashboard.

“Beside’s super intuitive and easy to use features, what we really loved were the statistics and live tracking of listeners. This gave us a simple way to check the number of party peeps enjoying the show."

Overall the mobile disco was a smash hit! It offered festival goers a unique experience to listen to DJ sets in a way they've never before and made this one off event really shine.

“I was really positive about the experience and would use it again as soon as we need it!”

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