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5 Step Radio Checklist

Avoid common pitfalls and start your radio station off the right way. Build a rock-solid foundation you can be proud of!

5 Step Radio Checklist: Radio setup

5 Step Game Plan to Success (Sneak Peek)

Real talk for a sec: success doesn't come easy. But if you're looking for a quick way to get started with low friction and maximum results, then you're in the right place. For years we've seen radio stations come and go. One common theme missing? A solid plan.

1. Create a concept
The most crucial decision you'll make launching. Getting it right is the difference to having a successful station vs everyone else.

2. Start your engines
Not a techy person? That's 100% okay. Radio.co has you covered in spades on that front with powerful, but simple tools.

3. Schedule & programming
Content is king. Build a killer schedule aimed at attracting listeners both new and old, not just a glorified playlist for yourself.

4. Create buzz
Get people talking. Reach outside your comfort zone by knowing who you're talking and with an engaging marketing strategy.

5. Develop & build
​Invest in yourself and your station. From content, team, and processes, set structures in place to grow and flourish.

5 Step Radio Checklist: Preview

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