ANX-10 Headphones Review |

Are these the best noise cancelling headphones for radio broadcasters? We review the ANX-10 active noise cancelling headphones by Editors Keys designed to reduce most outside noises. Find out how well they performed!

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All-In-One Package

ANX-10 Headphones Overview

Out of the box the headphones come with 2 sets of cables, charging cable, carry case and strap, and rechargeable battery.

The headphones feel nicely made. The earcups rotate and the size can be adjusted to fit perfectly. The leather cups rest over the ear and are very comfortable to wear, even after hours of use. Plus, they’re lightweight, relatively small, and look pretty cool.

Active Noise Cancellation Mode

Noise Cancellation On

The active noise cancelling mode provides a flat response, which is important for mixing sound for music production. The bass sounds natural whilst not being too overpowering.

However, this can be a problem if you need low-bass sounds. Reason for this is the bass response is controlled, so you get a decent level without it being too heavy. Because of this, the ANX-10 headphones are best suited for spoken words like talk radio or podcasts.

Overall Impression

ANX-10 Headphones Package

The noise reduction could be better. It reduces background noises, but you can still hear what’s going on. However, the ANX-10 are a good pair of headphones, even without this feature.

They’re not perfect for everybody, but do offer brilliant audio quality with some much-needed accessories. If you’re monitoring audio in a studio or just need to reduce distractions from outside, then these are right for you.

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