Neumann U87 Review |

The Neumann U87 microphone is a pretty big deal in the audio industry, but what exactly makes it so popular?

What's It Good For?

The U87 is well known for its versatility and warm balanced characteristics. Due to its wide range, it’s ideal for voice-overs, radio broadcasts, picking up instrumentals like acoustic guitars and pianos, and even capturing ambient background noises.

3 Recording Settings

The switch on the front of the mic enables you to switch between 3 different polar patterns:

  • Omni: Captures audio from all around the mic.
  • Figure Eight: Captures audio from the front and back of the mic.
  • Cardioid: Captures audio from directly in front of the mic.

Adjust While You Record

The U87 also has a high pass filter and -10db built in to it. The high pass filter reduces any unwanted bass noise in the audio, such as microphone knocks. The -10db setting adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone, slightly reducing the risk of peaking audio.

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