Radio Remote Broadcast

Want to broadcast anywhere? Take your shows on the road with radio remote broadcasting. Master on location setups with our complete guide which teaches you everything you need to know for live DJ mixes, special events, and interviews in any place.

Equipment used:

Note: You will need software for your setup to broadcast live - Check out's Knowledge Base. All-In-One Broadcasting Solution

Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750

The DJX750 is ideal for live radio remote broadcasting as it offers multiple channels, crossfaders, and auto ducking for easy on location management. Add up to 4 external devices like turntables and CDJ controllers to manage your shows.

Control how your live remote shows sound. Tweak the digital effects dials to adjust the master volume, fade in and out between tracks with individual channel faders, and much more.

Pioneer CDJ900NXS Nexus Controller

The Pioneer CDJ900NXS is one of the best tools for live DJs and remote radio broadcasting setups. Interact with huge lists of tracks and mix shows together with ease.

Manage your music using the LCD touch-screen which displays track info and full audio waveforms. Browse and load music directly through the CDJ controller screen. Access your music via a USB pen drive, inserting a CD, hooking up your laptop, or connecting your phone. Hook up two controllers together to mix professionals shows for your live sets.

iOTA ONE Atom 2-in-1 Laptop

The iOTA ONE Atom is a compact and portable laptop at an affordable price. It’s a cross between a laptop and a tablet as it comes with a detachable keyboard and touchscreen interface.

Take it wherever you go. Its small 10.1 inch screen means you can pop it in your bag or carry it with you. Boot the laptop up in around 7 seconds and load up all your music ready for your live show.

External 7.1 Surround Sound Card

The 7.1 surround sound card offers multiple channels through a single USB connection. Map desktop software or players to different players. In this case, the sound card acts as a bridge between the mixer and laptop.

Essentially, the more channels you have, the more you can connect for greater flexibility. Remote Broadcasting Solution is where your shows are broadcast to and how listeners tune in. Connect anytime to your radio station and send your live interviews, special events, and mixes online.

Running late or can't make it to a radio remote broadcast? Schedule shows to take over for when you're not avilable or invite DJs to take over. Start your station today and get on the air with your 7 day free trial here.

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