How to Record Live Interviews for Radio |

What microphone do you use when recording on the go? We uncover the exciting journey of going out and talking to engaging specialists, showing just exactly how to record interviews on the go with different levels of microphones.

Recording On A Phone

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Avoid expensive equipment by using your own phone as it's a great free alternative that's easy to use and lightweight.

  • Free alternative mic.
  • Mobile and easy to use.

Recording On A Laptop

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Although not quite as portable as a smartphone, laptops offer greater control over your recordings with the option to add professional studio condenser mics.

  • Quality audio for studio capture.
  • Minimises background noise.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Recording On A Portable Mic

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Portable mics are lightweight and come with a bunch of pro features to capture high quality audio, simple playback access, and file management.

  • Flexible and mobile.
  • Audio interface for easy playback and format converts.
  • Adjustable mics for better audio capture.
  • Two external mics and two internal inputs.

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