Rode Procaster Review |

What's in the Box?

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So what exactly do you get in the box? Here's a full list of everything that's included:

  • Rode Procaster dynamic microphone.
  • Ring mount for microphone stand or boom arm.
  • Padded zip case for protection.

With its own built in pop filter & shock absorption capabilities, you genuinely don't need anything else to get the most out of your broadcasting.

How Does It Work?

The Rode Procaster is a dynamic, cardioid microphone that concentrates on your vocals to broadcast a warming, crystal clear sound quality regardless of what environment you host from.

It's an XLR powered microphone so this requires a connection to an audio interface or mixing desk to operate. Due to the build of this microphone it does require more gain than what is typically acceptable, so keep that in mind to ensure you get the absolute best out of this microphone.

Anything Else?

To compare the Procaster to more of Rode's extensive collection of critically acclaimed microphones, check out these reviews for the Rode Podcaster and the Rode PodMic.

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