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Top 10 Tech Companies from Northern Stars

The top 10 tech companies from last year's Northern Stars have racked up 6 months of wins from signing new contracts, opening new offices, & raising funds.

James Mulvany

by James Mulvany in News

Last updated 06.08.2023

10 Tech Companies From Northern Stars

Near the end of last year we we're delighted to be announced as one of the Top 10 Tech Companies in the North of England after winning Northern Stars 2016.

It was a really fantastic opportunity and honour to win, alongside the other brilliant companies that were also selected. These included:

  • Airtime Rewards: Clever tech linking retail transactions to mobile phone bill discounts.
  • Mobile-focused video advertising.
  • Dream Agility: helping retailers get onto Google Shopping with its feed-focused tech.
  • DueCourse: Unlocking the funds in unpaid invoice.
  • LivingLens: deep video analysis for marketers.
  • ProxiSmart ParkingPerx is beacon-based parking payment with retail rewards to make parking free.
  • Swapbots: Augmented reality brings these toys to life.
  • TopicDNA: Helps marketers harnesses the social interest graph on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Valuechain: Powering smarter supply chains for industry.

After just 6 months all of the top 10 tech companies that won Northern Stars have seen colossal growth, from raising new funds, opening new offices, signing new contracts, and recruiting some top talent. for instance has achieved a whopping 80% growth over just 5 months! We now power over 3000 online radio stations and have over 30 million listeners per month broadcasting across our network.

So where to next? Well as part of the prize for winning we've been featured in The Guardian and given access to awesome networking opportunities like TechCrunch Disrupt in London.

We've also pitched to investors at an exclusive Bloomberg event and attended the massively popular SxSW conference this year in Texas (which was amazing!).

But it doesn't stop there! Next we'll be heading to The Next Web conference in Amsterdam this month. Hopefully we will see you there!

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