Creative Radio: Ideas for Shows, Jingles, & Ads

Are you working in the radio industry and need some exciting new ideas for shows, jingles, or ads? Or are you running your own radio station and need some direction? Stick with us as we give you pointers on coming up with fresh ideas to produce creative radio shows and brilliant content to breath new life into your station.

What to Expect: Creative Radio Ideas

Keeping content fresh on a regular basis can be challenging, that’s why we’re focusing on coming up with creative radio ideas to help you produce engaging shows, jingles, or ads. Luckily, this time around we’re joined by radio veteran and presenter coach Kate Cocker. Here’s what you can expect from the live event:

  • Creative Radio: Ideas for shows, jingles, and ads to fresh up your content and engage with your listeners.
  • Industry Insight: Kate shares her insight and challenges commonly faced in the radio industry when it comes to being creative and forging your own path.
  • Q&A: We answer the most frequently asked question about producing creative radio shows. Got a question? Leave a comment below.

Can’t make the event? No worries! Catch up on everything by heading over to either our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Special Guest: Kate Cocker

Kate Cocker Twitter Pic - Creative Radio

Kate is a veteran producer and content controller in the radio industry. Having over a decade’s experience she’s worked for huge stations like XFM (now RadioX), 6Music, and Key 103 here in the UK.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Kate previously producing the awesome Great Radio Presenter course. It’s worth checking out if you want to polish your radio presenter skills.


Ask Us Anything: We Answer Your Questions

Just like every live event, we take time to answer your questions. If you wanna ask us or Kate anything then be sure to tweet us by clicking this button 👉 or leave your comments below. We will try and answer all your questions during the live event, but if we don’t be sure to get in touch with us at to talk with one of the radio experts.



4 Comments Creative Radio: Ideas for Shows, Jingles, & Ads

  1. Rickie Lynn Parvin

    Hello Radio friends. I started back in radio in 1983 possibly before you were born. 🙂 I was into writing and producing commercials until 2008 when put it on hold. Then in 2012-2014 I had an online radio in a small town airing the high school sports, interviewing business owners, playing positive music to fill the space. I was using Sam Broadcaster Plus which says it never expires but it’s not offered anymore. Spacial has no one to guide me to get it up and running again. I believe you had mentioned that Sam Broadcaster was a good choice. Do you know anything about SB Plus? I’ve been out of the radio biz for 4 years now and feel I have so much to learn and catch up on. I have no idea where to start. Looking for advise.

    1. Jamie Ashbrook

      SAM Broadcaster Plus is essentially SAM Broadcaster Pro, which is something we have a guide on to help you get setup:

      However, the best place to get started is probably here:

      It gives you an overview of what you need and how to setup your radio station. If you have any questions along the way then we can help. Either talk to us over the phone by booking a demo:

      Or email one of our sales rep with all your questions at

  2. Doug Robinson

    I’ve been wanting to start my station for years but fear of not knowing or having the best computer skills is holding me back I have all the equipment/music and format ideas. I’m a semi retired major market radio personality and will be listening to the up and coming web programm. HELP! lolol…


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