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Vodafone's Charity Christmas Radio Station Goes Public

Vodafone Ireland's charity Christmas radio station, SnowdaFone FM, has gone public this year. Discover what it's all about and how you can tune in to the festive cheer.

Lucy Rowe

by Lucy Rowe in News

Last updated 22.12.2023

Snowdafonefm header

Vodafone Ireland's charity Christmas radio station went public for the first time this year, since being launched in 2022. SnowdaFone FM was initially launched last year for Vodafone employees only. But this year, the phone company expanded it so customers and members of the public could tune in too.

As well as broadcasting a specially selected Christmas playlist, SnowdaFone FM celebrates the spirit of Christmas by raising money for charity.

Emma McMahon, Vodafone’s Digital Communications Specialist, told us the initial idea to start SnowdaFone FM was to:

Bring Christmas cheer to our employees & create a sense of connection while incorporating a fundraising element to contribute to a meaningful cause.
A screenshot from the SnowdaFone FM app, showing Last Christmas by Wham playing and a picture of a snowman against a red background with the red Vodafone symbol behind.
Take the Christmas 'choons' with you anywhere with the SnowdaFone FM app.

Money raised by the station is donated to ISPCC Childline, one of Vodafone's official charity partner.

SnowdaFone FM has raised over €8,000 for the charity and was so well received by Vodafone employees, the company decided to make it more widely available.

Vodafone's staff absolutely loved the music and the festive atmosphere created by the station last year.

Listeners can tune in to SnowdaFone FM on a specially designed app (by us here at Radio.co!) available for free on the App Store & Google Play. The station can be enjoyed up to and including Christmas Day this year.

    SnowdaFone FM - App Store SnowdaFone FM - Google Play

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