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Event Overrun Explained

Don't cut songs short. With event overrun, let your music or show finish before a new event starts.

Enable event overrun in your schedule. Choose or create an event, then in Advanced > Playlist, turn event overrun on.

Enabling event overrun

Once enabled, event overrun allows your currently playing track at the end of a playlist to continue so that it's not interrupted by the next event. But be warned, playlists with nothing scheduled after them will always overrun, regardless of the event overrun setting.

Back to Back Playlists

When you have two playlists back to back and the overrun feature is enabled on the first playlist, the current track will continue to play from the first playlist and will not get cut off by the second playlist starting.

Event overrun - back to back playlists

The track will be able to finish and will fade nicely into the second playlist rather than being cut short.

Playlists & Live Events

When you have a playlist scheduled with a live event after it, the event overrun feature will automatically be disabled so you don’t have to wait for the track to finish.

Event overrun - playlists and live events

A live DJ can connect at the time specified and won’t have to wait for the track to finish before they can begin their broadcast.

Nothing Scheduled Afterwards

When you have a playlist with nothing scheduled afterwards, the current track will continue to play and will not cut off when the default playlist starts.

Event overrun - nothing scheduled afterwards

The default playlist starts when there is no other scheduled playlist or event in your schedule.

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