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2:32 minutes

Setup Your Radio Station

Setup your internet radio station in 2 minutes.

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1:25 minutes

Dashboard Overview

Get a quick overview on your dashboard.

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3:35 minutes

Managing Media

Learn how to upload files, create tags, and build playlists.

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2:53 minutes

Creating Playlists

Create and schedule playlists.

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3:17 minutes

Listening In & Player Builder

Different ways listeners can tune in.

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6:02 minutes

Broadcasting & User Accounts

Broadcast live and manage multiple users.

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4:08 minutes

Stats & Advanced Integrations

View listener stats and integrate online.

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9:19 minutes

DIY Player Kit

Our custom toolkit to create tailored radio players.

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3:14 minutes

Scheduled Relays

Stream third-party online radio stations.

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5:15 minutes

Track Editor

Edit audio playback for any track in your browser.

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2:20 minutes

Event Overrun

Allow the current track to finish before the next event.

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1:30 minutes

Custom Album Art

Upload custom album artwork to your tracks.

Need help with More guides can be found on our Self Service Support Center.

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35 seconds

App Builder

Create iPhone and Android apps for your radio station.

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2:55 minutes

Website Builder Setup

How to get started with your radio website builder.

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4:13 minutes

Embed a Radio Player

Embed your radio station's player on your web pages.

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3:25 minutes

Create a Radio Blog

Build a blog for your radio station's website.

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3:40 minutes

Relax For Radio

Follow key techniques to relax before broadcasting.

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3:49 minutes

Home Studio Basics

Setup your radio station with just the essentials.

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3:35 minutes

Home Studio Advanced

Advanced online radio studio setup for podcasting, interviews, and pre-recorded audio.

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3:34 minutes

Recording On The Go

Choose the correct microphone for in the field recordings.

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4:01 minutes

Setup Live Callers

How to setup live callers for phone or Skype chats.

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5:05 minutes

Live Video for Internet Radio

Setup live video streaming for your internet radio station.

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3:28 minutes

Submit Your Station to TuneIn

How to submit your radio station to TuneIn.

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5:04 minutes

Submit Your Station to Streema

How to submit your radio station to Streema.

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2:41 minutes

Advanced Radio Equipment

Advanced equipment for multiple mics, audio channels, and more.

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3:00 minutes

Radio Authority

Become the leading authority in your area.

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5:02 minutes

Audio Branding

How audio branding helps define your station’s sound identity.

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5:29 minutes

Monetizing Your Radio Station

Different methods to earn money from your radio station.

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4:04 minutes

Voice Overs

How to find different types of voice overs for your radio station.

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5:01 minutes

5 Radio Presenter Tips

5 essential tips on how to become a great radio presenter.

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8:01 minutes

How to Improve Your Radio Voice

3 step guide to help you achieve a perfect radio voice.

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