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3:49 minutes

Home Studio Basics

Setup your radio station with just the essentials.

3:35 minutes

Home Studio Advanced

Advanced studio setup for podcasting, interviews, and pre-recorded audio.

3:50 minutes

Home Studio Professional

Everything you need for a professional radio studio setup.

6:27 minutes

5 Best Microphones

Need a really good microphone? We count down our top 5 picks.

2:18 minutes

Rode Podcaster Review

Is the Rode Podcaster the perfect microphone for your radio station?

4:25 minutes

Warm Audio WA87 Review

An affordable alternative or cheap replica? You decide!

3:59 minutes

WA87 vs U87: Which is Better?

Which microphone sounds better? We compare and find out.

2:44 minutes

Fifine 669 Review

Is this the best budget microphone for under $25?

3:28 minutes

Bluedio F2 Headphones Review

Affordable noice cancelling wireless headphones worth checking out.

3:38 minutes

ANX-10 Headphones Review

Are these the best noise cancelling headphones for radio broadcasters?

3:33 minutes

Rode VideoMic Pro Plus vs Pro

Looking for a good on-camera microphone? Check these out!

3:00 minutes

Broadcast AM/FM Radio Online

Deliver your shows to a global audience using the Barix Instreamer.

2:59 minutes

How to Make Radio Shows

Make entire radio shows using voice tracking to sound live.

2:25 minutes

Radio Remote Broadcast

Takes your shows on the road and broadcast on location.

1:36 minutes

Add Radio Stations to Sonos

Tune into your favourite station on a Sonos speaker.

3:34 minutes

Recording On The Go

Choose the correct microphone for in the field recordings.

4:01 minutes

Setup Live Callers

How to setup live callers for phone or Skype chats.

3:27 minutes

Take Calls on Your Radio Show

How to take calls during your radio show.

5:05 minutes

Live Video for Internet Radio

Setup live video streaming for your internet radio station.

3:28 minutes

Submit Your Station to TuneIn

How to submit your radio station to TuneIn.

5:04 minutes

Submit Your Station to Streema

How to submit your radio station to Streema.

2:41 minutes

Advanced Radio Equipment

Advanced equipment for multiple mics, audio channels, and more.

3:40 minutes

Relax For Radio

Follow key techniques to relax before broadcasting.

3:51 minutes

Voice Warm Ups You Should Try

Best voice warm up exercises you should try before broadcasting.

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