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Managing Music in Your Browser

Uploading music to your radio station is easy. Either drag and drop files in your browser or upload in bulk via an FTP client like FileZilla.

For one-off or even several tracks, uploading through your browser is the easiest way to go. Just make sure you're using the supported file formats, which are MP3 and M4A (aka AAC). And quick side note, Radio.co only supports MP3 files encoded at CBR (constant bitrate), whereas VBR (variable bitrate) files won't play and files protected by DRM are not supported either. But if you're unsure, drop us a message.

Dashboard Upload for Small Files

Within your dashboard, select 'Add Media' in the top bar, then 'Select Files'.

Uploading media files via the browser in Radio.co

A window will appear. Select your tracks to upload, either one or several files.

Select files from your browser

Alternatively, drag and drop the tracks into Radio.co.

Dragging and dropping files into Radio.co

Once selected, your files will start uploading. Keep track of their progress in your dashboard. Speed is dependant on your internet connection and the amount of files you're uploading.

Waiting on files to upload into Radio.co

After all your tracks are uploaded, they'll appear in your Studio's Media area.

FTP Upload for Bulk Files

An FTP client is an easy way to upload bulk tracks. If you've got hundreds of songs, jingles, and mixes, then FTP is the way to go. We recommend FileZilla. It's free and works with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Within your dashboard, select 'Add Media' and then 'FTP'.

Launch FileZilla and enter your FTP Information (server, username, and password) into the fields near the top of the window - for example:

  • Host: transcoder1.radio.co
  • Username: s123456789.u123456789
  • Password: 012345678901
  • Port: Ignore this field

It should go without saying, but make sure you use your own login details, not the example ones shown here.

Once you're happy the info is correct, click 'Quick Connect'. FileZilla will connect to your radio station's storage space.

Uploading Tracks

FileZilla has two folder directories. The left side is your computer; the right side is the Radio.co station's storage server.

There are two ways of finding and uploading files:

  1. FileZilla: Find your files in the FTP client, highlight them, and drag over to the right to upload.
  2. Computer: Search your computer's folders and drag them into the file directory within FileZilla.

Downloading Tracks

Whether you've misplaced tracks on your computer or lost them completely, easily download all tracks within your FTP client.

After connecting to your station using FTP, simply click and drag your tracks from the right file directory to the left. The selected tracks will download from your radio station onto your computer.

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