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  • Kristopher Winkler

    BIC Radio
  • We used their old service (wavestreaming) for quite a few years and things were good. Now with the switch to the same good service has carried over along with some pretty cool new features! Thanks guys!

  • Sean Conrad Small

    Urban Movement Radio
  • Migrating from Wavestreaming to was very smooth incurring no problems at all. The new look dash on looks stylish and professional and the packages on offer are excellent choices for people to decide what will work for them.

  • Kris Keenan

    Rastyle FM
  • As a start up Radio, It seemed like a daunting and uphill task but the 'do-it-yourself' system and support crew at surprisingly made it such a breeze for us that we would not hesitate to recommend this company any day, anytime. Kudos!

  • D.J. Ize

    SFR Radio 24/7
  • is so much better, my company has been with wavestreaming for a few years, but now after we switched over to Customer Service is excellent! is still the best!

  • Franki Shanley

    Radio Z1
  • Thank you so much for streamlining the whole process and making it possible for Z1 to go on air. Such a perfect platform and it works a treat. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Ashley White

    Time for Christ Radio
  • is a great DJ system perfect for Internet radio stations. There service is second to none. We would recommend for radio broadcasters.

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Sean Gregory

Director, Smoke Barbecue Restaurant allows us to build shared playlists with our staff and customers which creates a great atmosphere in our restaurants.

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  • all access

    Research proves that people are increasingly turning away from on-demand music and content, and back to live -- because in our busy lives we tend to trust our favorite DJs and presenters to select or ‘curate’ for us rather than always having to search for ourselves.

  • prolific north

    As well as radio stations, the technology will be targeted at anyone who wants to create a ‘human-curated audio experience’, such as restaurant chains, gyms, churches, event organisers or musicians.

  • northwestfyi

    Already in the six weeks since its soft launch, has seen its 300 subscribers broadcasting 22 million hours of radio to over 5.5million listeners, and these numbers are growing by 40% week on week. Reviews - What Customers Are Saying.

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