Build your own custom playlists with tracks and tags, then schedule them throughout the day or week within the scheduler.

Create Multiple Playlists

relax for radio

  • Customise playlists to your station's style.
  • Search and add tags, individual, and recently uploaded tracks.
  • Know the duration of individual tracks and total playlist time.

Schedule Playlists Throughout The Week

relax for radio

Schedule events throughout the week by clicking and dragging in the calendar, then select your playlist, when you want it to start and end, and you can repeat it during the week.

Scheduled playlists can be easily moved so you are always in control of your station.

Control When DJs Broadcast

relax for radio

  • Schedule multiple DJs on a weekly rotation.
  • Change the scheduler event times from 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • Allow DJs to connect ahead of time so they are ready to broadcast.