Learn how to easily manage your radio station’s media by uploading files in bulk and organising tracks by genre or artist using tags to build your radio library.

Upload Files With Ease

relax for radio

  1. Download your favourite FTP client like FileZilla.
  2. Enter your FTP details and upload in bulk.
  3. Alternatively drag and drop files directly into the browser.
  4. Search and view all your tracks within the dashboard.

Organise Tracks

relax for radio

Create unique tags for your tracks so they can be neatly organised for ease of use when trying to find specific genres, artists, or jingles.

Search for tracks within your dashboard and apply single or multiple tags to categorise files.

Build Your Radio Library

relax for radio

You have the power and flexibility to select and play from your own radio library.

Start collecting and managing all of your station's tracks in one convenient place from anywhere and at anytime.