features user level management. This allows you to invite other users to your station, but restrict access to certain areas of the dashboard (e.g. Billing). Depending on which plan you have, you will be able to add a different number of users. includes the following user levels:

Station Manager

  • Access the full dashboard except for the billing area
  • Turn the station on or off
  • Invite other users
  • Create/Edit playlists, schedule and upload files
  • Access reporting
  • DJ
  • Create/Edit Players

Music Controller

  • Upload Music and tag files
  • View Dashboard (cannot turn station off or skip track)
  • Create/Edit playlists
  • Edit schedule/Live events
  • DJ


  • View the schedule
  • View Dashboard (cannot turn station off or skip track)
  • DJ

Guest DJ

  • Cannot see any statistics or the dashboard
  • DJ

When a user is invited, they will receive an email containing an activation link. This must be clicked in order to set up their account.

If the user already owns or works for another station, they will already have an account, they will just need to accept the invite sent to their email then log in with their usual credentials.

Adding a User

Navigate to the Users tab on the dashboard - Click Invite a User on the upper right.

Enter the required details ensuring the email address is typed correctly and choose the desired role from the drop-down menu.

Click Invite when completed. This will provisionally add the user to your account and send them an email.

The DJ should check their email and click the confirm button to create their account.

Once created, they can log in which will take them to their restricted dashboard.

Changing Settings

The master user or station manager is able to edit user access levels. This can be done within the Users tab on the Dashboard.


  • The Owner role cannot be deleted or changed.
  • The user level cannot be changed for the active user.

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