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Ever heard the saying "knowledge is power"? Knowing what to expect helps us make better decisions. From big life choices like choosing the right car to smaller ones like picking a new TV show, when given a breakdown things make more sense. And just like TV guides, radio schedules give your listeners a taste of what’s to come.

But manually updating a schedule takes time, especially if your show lineups change faster than Usain Bolt. The solution? Automated schedule widgets.

Sharing your radio schedule is now as seamless as you'd expect. Using smart tracking, your schedule widgets are designed to be fully automated and fully customisable. So when your schedule changes, your widget changes too. Keep your listeners updated, start using schedule widgets.

Schedule Widgets Explained

If you’re familiar with radio programming, you’ll know how important it is to make your audience aware of what’s happening and when. Schedule widgets give people a live view of your station’s programming. Your audience will always know what’s live and what’s coming up next. The widget even extends to show 2 full weeks of programming (depending on how far ahead you plan your schedule).

Radio schedule widgets in action

Schedule widgets encourage listeners to stay tuned for longer, or at the very least check back when their favourite presenter is live.

The best part is embedding your schedule is easy. Whether that's your homepage, blog, or even on another site, simply copy and paste a bit of code. And the widget can match the look and feel of your station's brand, so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. From colours to size, design your widget to fit with your carefully tailored aesthetics.

Create Custom Schedule Widgets

Create a new schedule widget within Schedule > Widgets.

Creating the radio schedule widget

From here, modify the following to match the look and feel of your station:

  • Name: Choose a meaningful name, especially handy if you're using multiple schedule widgets throughout your site and beyond.
  • Widget Type: You have two options; Auto dynamically fits the widget to whatever space you embed it in, whereas Fixed lets you choose the specific size you want.
  • Width & Height: Set the size of your schedule widget. But be aware, if Widget Type is set to Auto, then Width size is ignored.
  • Artwork: Decide whether you want to show your playlist's artwork. If no artwork is available, a default icon is displayed.
  • Dark Mode: When enabled, your schedule widget will show white text on a dark background, ideal to help the widget stand out on websites with light colours.
  • Accent: Match your station's brand tone by choosing an accent colour.
  • Corners: Modify the widget to have either sharp or rounded corners.
  • Header: Keep or remove the top bar of the widget.
  • Header Text: Add a title to sit to the right of your widget header, perfect for providing context for your station.
  • Station Name & Logo: Choose to show or disable your station's branding.
  • Header Text Colour: Make your text pop from the header so it’s easily readable.
Radio schedule controls

Use the schedule preview to tweak the look and style of your widget.

Radio schedule preview

Embed Your Schedule Widget

Under Share, copy your schedule widget's code, which should look like:

<script src=""></script>

From here depends on your website's setup. Embedding your schedule with a website builder is easy. Just add an embed block.

Adding embed block in builder

Then paste in your schedule widget code.

Radio schedule code being embedded on site

Finally, publish the changes. And the end result should look like this:

Radio schedule widget embedded

Create, Embed, and Share Your Schedule

Radio schedules are the roadmap to your shows. What's coming up next lets listeners know what to expect. Whether that's a rundown of playlists, live DJ takeovers, or a mix, keep everyone up-to-date, on desktop or mobile.

Radio schedule mobile view

And if you've not created your own schedule widget yet, be the first. Login, create, and embed your radio schedule today.

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