Know exactly who's listening to your station within your dashboard's stats area, plus get found online by using the advanced integration options.


relax for radio

  • Heat Map: Popular countries where your listeners are tuned in from.
  • Historical Stats: How many listeners have connected over a given period.
  • Unique Listeners: Know how listeners connected to your station and where abouts in the world they are located.

Song History

relax for radio

See which songs were played and how many times in a given period which is useful for royalty reporting purposes.

Export your song history in CSV format for further analysis or reporting purposes.

Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL)

relax for radio

Listening figures from your station for a particular day, month, or year which is useful to track the overall performance of your broadcasts.

Use TTSL for royalty reporting purposes or give them to advertisers in your media pack to showcase its value.


relax for radio

The log is a detailed view of what's going on in your radio station and is useful to diagnose any issues.

It's unlikely you will need this info as it's mainly for the technical support team to fix any problems if they occur.


relax for radio

Fill in your station's identity with your radio's name and logo (preferably use a square logo as a replacement for album track artwork that won't show).

Additionally fill in the about section for your station as this will be used for directories so listeners can find you.


relax for radio

Control your streaming output with the crossfade length which when enabled makes your audio between songs sound smooth.

The stream quality can also be adjusted - We recommend 128kbps which is the industry standard and is widely compatible across devices, platforms, and browsers. There is also an option for a low quality stream (32kbps - aac format) optimised for mobile streaming.


relax for radio has built in security and firewalls on all servers which will protect your station.

The geo protection setting enables you to either allow or block specific countries from your stream - The ripper protection safeguards your stream from being saved and saves bandwidth usage.


relax for radio

Here's your FTP details that are unique to your station.

Use these details in an FTP client like FileZilla to upload, manage, and remove tracks.


relax for radio

Connect to social accounts like Twitter and TuneIn to synchronise your station's info.

Directories like TuneIn are a great place to get listed as they allow you to be found by potentially thousands of listeners.