Build Customised Players for Your Radio Station |

Building Customised Players

These days, listeners are spoilt for choice. Give them the freedom to choose, from direct URL streaming links to customised branded players on your website.

Player Builder

Once logged into your Account, select 'Listen > Web Players' in the left column, then click the green 'Add Player' button in the upper right corner.

The 'Add New Player' pop-up will appear. Choose a player type:

  1. Classic: An improved version of our older player. Features include pop out, share now playing track, and open in Spotify buttons. The player also provides improved compatibility with responsive websites.
  2. Artwork: Your track artwork goes centre stage. The controls fade away when not in use and the accent colours are extracted from the currently playing track artwork. The player also includes improved sharing and Spotify integrations.

Once selected, give your player a name. This is a 'pet name' so you can identify it in your dashboard, e.g: 'Website Sidebar'.

Adjust the settings to match your radio station's brand. The following options are based on the 'Classic' player. Other player type options may vary.

  • Name: For internal purposes only to identify your players from one another.
  • Output: Bitrate stream quality. Adaptive automatically adjusts bitrate, listen is your set bitrate, and low is a much lower bitrate.
  • Width: Maximum width for your player.
  • Size: Choose from small (single play button), medium (wide player with small artwork), large (tall player with larger artwork).
  • Auto Play: Choose to start the player on page load (autoplay isn't common in modern browsers and is not supported on mobile devices).
  • Show Artwork: Choose to show track artwork. If disabled, your station logo will show at all times.
  • Corners: Style of player buttons; choose from rounded or square corners.
  • Social: Options to share your webpage on Twitter, Facebook, or embed the player online.
  • Colours Accent: Player bar colour. Main: Background colour of the player. Text: Colour of player's text.

Once you're happy with the final settings, save the player to finish.

Share your player by grabbing the code in the 'Share' box and embed it into your site's HTML or within your CMS like WordPress.

Listen Links

Streaming links are direct URLs to your station. Use them to either tune into your station or submit on third-party sites or directories. If mobile streams have been enabled in your 'Broadcast' settings area, you'll see two links.

In the 'Listen > Listen Links' area, there are a few options for listeners to tune in on:

To break these down:

  • Standard: Uses your set bitrate, usually at a higher quality ideal for normal listeners.
  • Mobile: Lower bitrate, for mobile listeners or those with slow internet speeds.
  • Playlist: Opens up your station on the listener's chosen media player.

Integration Guides allows you to integrate your station on third-party directories.

For available directories, follow the links in your dashboard to configure them.

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