Elgato Wave 3 Review | Radio.co


USB microphones often suffer from one major problem: they sound tinny and amateurish. But that's not the case for the Elgato Wave 3.

Hidden inside this decently sized mic is a condenser cardioid polar pattern. Audio is picked up clearly from the front, but blocks noises from the sides and back. Speaking of which, the Wave 3 has an internal built-in pop filter that acts a safety net to stop plosives and harsh sounds.

And as another added bonus the mic comes with clip guard technology. The mic records two tracks, one at the volume you set, another at a much lower gain. If you ever get too loud, the lower gain audio is used to balance out the levels to make you sound good. Quite clever really.

Buy the Elgato Wave 3 on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

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