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VICE: Bringing Live DJ Sets to Music Festivals

Curated in collaboration with VICE, popular Amsterdam music festivals were treated to the revival of the cultural phenomenon known as Silent Disco!

Laura Shenton

by Laura Shenton in Review

Last updated 06.08.2023

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Music festivals tend to be a mash of different types of artists and DJ sets. Popular Amsterdam festival goers were treated to the revival of the cultural phenomenon known as Silent Disco with help of curated content in collaboration with VICE.

VICE - Who Are They?

VICE are a huge global lifestyle brand that started off in 1994 as a magazine, but have quickly grown turning their attention to digital media and broadcasting documentaries, politics, gaming, and everything in-between.

Today, VICE is well-known for thought provoking media across print, cable TV, and digital content online. Currently, they show no signs of slowing down now running Vice (Magazine), Vice News, Viceland, Vice Music, Vice FIlms, and much more.

What Do They Play?

For the Amsterdam music festival, VICE collaborated with the country's largest telecommunication provider KPN to offer a presence with awesome live DJ sets at the four major Dutch summer gigs (Pink- pop, Down the Rabbit Hole, Pitch, and Lowlands). They played a mix of everything, from dance, pop, and rock.

A take on the cultural phenomenon known as Silent Disco, VICE DJ sets were streamed to festival goers on their mobile phones. At the festival, people could use KPN’s free WiFi coverage that reached across the entire festival terrain.

All the events are over now, but here's how everything was setup to broadcast to and then streamed to festival goers:

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