20 Ways to Promote Your Radio Station

20 essential marketing tips to promote your radio station to get more listeners, develop a brand, and really build your loyal fan base.

Mike Cunsolo
20 Ways Promote Your Radio Station

Remember the old saying “if you build it, they will come”? Unfortunately this isn’t always true as there’s inevitably going to be plenty of competition and alternatives out there for people. That’s why we’re going to show you 20 ways to promote your radio station to get on top and increase your listeners.

20. Submit to Internet Radio Directories

Radio directories are a great place to list your station as they have thousands of listeners searching for music and shows. Well established directories like TuneIn and Streema have mobile apps, so you can access your stream anywhere.

We’ve put together the best internet radio directories you should get listed on, so get started as soon as possible to start attracting new listeners.

19. Target Your Audience

The shotgun approach to promote your radio station is to target a large group of people, but this often doesn’t work out. Imagine hearing pop songs on a rock radio station, it would just turn off regular listeners. Don’t waste time and resources on people that won’t tune into your station often.

Instead focus your attention on your audience by playing tracks they like and topics they’re interested in.

18. Optimise Your Station with SEO

Searchability online is everything. It’s recommended you have your own radio station website, which is something we can help with at Radio.co with the Website Builder.

Get to the top of search results on Google by creating pages and then improving them with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short). More people will find be able to find your site and tune into your station.

17. Create a Facebook Page & Twitter Account

Social Media Tree

Facebook and Twitter have millions of people using their services, so it’s essential to get established on both these platforms. Create a Facebook page,Twitter account, and profile on other social media sites for your radio station to post updates, events, and news on your shows.

16. Cross Promote with Other Stations

Cross promotion is the marketing method of showcasing another’s product and vice versa, in this case promoting another broadcaster’s show and they’ll do the same.

It doesn’t end there, you can work together with one or more broadcasters to promote your radio station, for example by sending out joint newsletters, running competitions together, and selling products with affiliate links.

15. Write Blog Posts

Typing At Laptop

Get found online and build a presence by blogging. Write about topics that you know your listeners will be searching for and link it up with your station, for example is there a new album out? Write about it and list the best tracks, including the ones you play regularly on your station. Blog on your own website or use platforms like Medium.

14. Build Marketing Lists

Who you know and how many you know define your station’s potential to grow. Marketing lists are a cornerstone and tool to mass communicate with your listeners. Services like MailChimp and GetResponse help you keep that relationship open.

To talk to your listeners you first need their details like names and emails. Do this using forms on your website which help build your lists. Before you know it you’ll have thousands of people to contact.

13. Post on Forums

Forums or discussion boards are jam packed with people, so they’re an ideal place to subtly promote your radio station. Find places that fit your brand, for example there’s groups on Facebook you can join, just search for topics related to your station and join the discussion. Alternatively chat with fellow broadcasters to see how they promote their shows or discuss radio industry news at places like Digital Spy.

Please note, always read the rules before posting. Some groups may frown upon shameless promotion, so try and keep it light and on point.

12. Put Up Posters & Give Out Flyers

Posters In City Centre

Posters and flyers are local promotions that require a bit of leg work. Put up posters around your town or city in places you think will get the most eyes on them, for example try bars, clubs, and cafes wherever you can. Do the same with flyers by leaving them in places that will get the most traction, for instance if your station focuses on health issues then leave flyers at hospitals or doctor’s offices.

11. Use Paid Advertisements

When done right, paid advertisements are a great way to boost your station’s listeners and brand awareness. There’s all sorts of ads you can use:

  • Search Engines: Adwords on places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are pay per click based on search terms you’re going after, for instance if you focused on “soul music” then it would list your station’s website to the top of the results.
  • Banner Ads: Place a banner for your station on websites related to your shows.
  • Email Ads: Emails sent out to thousands of people can mention your station or show a banner linking out to your website.
  • Radio Shout Outs: Pay to get a mention on radio shows with large followers.
  • Video & Audio Ads: Play ads on services like YouTube and Spotify, targeting individuals that might be interested in your shows.

10. Build Links to Your Website

Chain Link

Link building is an extension of SEO as a way to establish trusted connections with other sites to boost search rankings. Embedded links are like the back alleyways of the web, they can be placed anywhere and link back to your site. Try to find related sites to your station to link back to, these can be well established or niche sites.

9. Boost Your Online Presence

When you search online for a company or product and not much returns it can be off putting. Likewise when people search they will think “Why aren’t there many results? Can they be trusted when I can’t find anything?”. Not having presence online is bad as there’s no breadcrumbs to follow.

Build an online portfolio by creating social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, own a website with information on your station, and try and get news articles to talk about your shows to build some traction. The more information you have online, the better it is for listeners to easily find you.

8. Giveaway Prizes

Everybody loves a free giveaway, so promote your radio station by hosting competitions with a chance for listeners to get involved to win.

Prizes can be anything like your station’s branded merchandise (t-shirts, cups, hats), gift vouchers, or a free weekend at a popular hotel. The idea is to draw as many people in as you can with your promotion and keep it running over a long period so they stay tuned or coming back for more.

7. Offer Discounts on Merchandise

Do you sell your own station’s branded merchandise? If so then offer limited time promotions exclusively to your listeners by giving out codes on your shows. If you haven’t got our own merch yet then try services like Awesome Merchandise or Vistaprint to create cards, flyers, banners, t-shirts, and more.

6. Invite Guests onto Your Radio Station

Know someone that would like to get involved in your station? Invite them along for a chat! Preferably get those with a large following to boost your audience. If the guest does well then invite them back or try to get them involved with a regular spot on your station.

5. Get Local News Coverage

Newspaper Reading - Promote Your Radio Station

Global news can often overshadow everything else, so picking the right stage is important to getting heard. You can’t really make waves by being a little fish in a big pond unless you’re paying, so try local news to increase your visibility. Start off by getting in touch with news in your area that could potentially cover your station. Offer a unique twist to encourage journalists to write about you.

4. Develop Listener Communication

Instead of just talking at your audience, build a two way connection. Talk to listeners on your shows and offer them a chance to get involved. Radio evangelists will promote your radio station shows for you by sharing socially online which builds trust for your station’s brand.

3. Upload Your Shows

There are times when you aren’t around to present your station, so automate it for when you’re unavailable. Record your shows and upload them, something which is incredibly easy with Radio.co - Here’s how to upload and edit tracks.

2. Produce Quality Shows

Striking the right balance between quantity and quality can be tricky, but quality always trumps quantity and keep listeners coming back for more. Focus on building shows that are jammed packed with awesome music, talks with guests, chances to win prizes, and tie them altogether in a neat structured package.

1. Prompt Listeners

Most listeners are passive, they’ll tune into your station and enjoy your shows, but there’s a small percentage that will share your stream online. Boost the amount of people sharing by providing clear messages as often as you can like how to share, shows or guest spots that are worth mentioning, and competitions.

Promote Your Radio Station

Hopefully these 20 ways to promote your radio station are useful and can be put into practice as soon as possible. If you think we’ve missed any or you have a suggestion on how broadcasters can get themselves noticed then let us know in the comments below.

Promoting your station is a task in and of itself, that’s why Radio.co does all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your server as we do all that for you, plus there’s support on hand to help answer questions and fix issues if they arise. Get started today with your 7 day free trial by clicking the button below.